Scott Hinkle Fine Art Photography

Scott Hinkle has traveled the globe capturing the beauty of local cultures using

lighting and perspective to show his view of the natural landscapes, architecture

and the people that shape the world around us.  Through the lens of his camera we

see the world in a new and unique perspective.

Learning the basic skills of black and white photography in high school, Scott has

continued his education throughout college and has participated in numerous

photographic workshops around the globe to continue understanding the evolving world

of photography today.

Wanting to insure that each piece is perfect, Scott insists on performing each step

in the photographic process himself.  From taking the photo to processing the image,

printing, coating, and stretching he's hands-on all the way.

When asked what he loves about photography, Scott replied: "To me photography is

like painting with light.  It's amazing the beauty you can capture when you take the

time to stop and observe the world around you."


What you should know

My Latest Photos

Favorite Locations

  1. 1.Utah - Arches National Park & Canyonlands

  2. 2.Arizona - Slot Canyons

  3. 3.Columbia - Beautiful Architecture

  4. 4.Colorado - Awesome Colors

  5. 5.North Carolina - Great Beaches


About Scott Hinkle

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